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Jojira by dawn-dance

I do feel like this art work is indeed extremely deep and sensitive. I love that the horse is mysteriously without wings or a unicorn.....

Neko-me's Patreon by Neko-me
by Neko-me

Wow. This is a really good collage of my little ponies. I love horses too, especially the white albino ones with usually black eyes, pu...

Just married 011551 by meriwani

Firstly, allow me please to start off saying how lovely this photography is, it shines brighter than the sun and the people look wonder...




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Holly Jennifer Guilfoyle
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Slytherin House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

I love Belugas by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sea Turtles by WishmasterAlchemist I love Orcas by WishmasterAlchemist

Hello all of my creative buddies! I am a person who loves arts and writings, so this is really the perfect place for me, besides college or university. I do creative surrealism art with animals and plants. I also write about vampires and do aurasphere-photography.

I do believe that I can be a pretty interesting person once you get to know who I actually am. I am a Catholic Conservative who keeps secrets to herself if told by friends, so if anyone needs support, you can count on me to tackle that for you and keep it safe.

RANDOMLY HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: The Bottlenose Dolphin, Dinosaurs...preferably Triceratops, Wolves. I also really love herbal teas and drink them at least once every day in the mornings; I have been getting well acquainted with them all.

One of my biggest dreams is to spread coexisting on this planet and also on other life-providing ones. I fell in love with a historical figure whose name is "Harry." Turns out he is a very energetic and talented actor.

I love the theatre arts. I love to sing in church. I love NYC Ballet and might take courses one day just for fun to see what it means to be poised and so much lighter on the feet.

Besides coffee, which is very rarely, I do drink my teas. I just bought some organic green teas and vanilla spice chai teas and I keep them tucked away safely in my cool bedroom. I figure that's the best place for them to linger intelligently while I sleep.

I am going to be attending art school soon enough and will be majoring in creative writing possibly. I all ways do my best in school, so please, wish me lots of luck everyone, especially the ones who have kissed The Blarney Stone. Just kidding really. :aww:

As a Catholic I have studied Demonology as part of my deepest interest in helping those who are befuddled by dark sorcery and negative black forces of power. I will teach everyone if everyone does wish to know more about how they can protect themselves.

I already have coursework for people who want to take the test in colleges-universities and am still working on everything. Hopefully my work will be accepted into my Religion elective class which will happen either in the spring, summer, or fall of this very year.

So I am both excited and nervous about being here while almost going to college or uni. I hope that you all enjoy my works, comment, like and message me notes and stuffs. I like all of you here.

Please don't forget to browse my galleries. Thanks and Farewell for now. Send a note or two if you want to be friends for life.


Been replaying the movie "Tuck Everlasting" in my mind all night. xx Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! xx
Been drinking organic green tea and loving it. xoxo Peace Kitty-chan Tea xoxo
I could easily sit with somebody and drink teas all day. xxx :squee: Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! :squee: xxx
Spirit Creations by Goldilockes
Spirit Creations
Hello everyone. xxx I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! xxx I do arts and crafts like dragonflies, hearts, beaded necklaces, butterflies and more. If you have any questions at all about them, feel free to ask, I do not mind "good mannered criticism" of my works either. You see, it is my first time in a while doing somethings like these, doing arts and crafts in years, but doing it for so long so I have that experience still alive inside of me thankfully. I hope to read notes about my creativity and to get more feedback because I don't really get that much now. As for commissions, as per size and style, I will charge, $6.50 for a large set of dragonfly or butterfly {please let me know which one you want}, a hand made heart, a necklace or something else that you may want to especially commission me for and I will see what else I can offer...but not allowed to sell right now unfortunately because I am not a premium member as of yet...though still am taking requests! xxx Puppet Icon xxx
Jojira by dawn-dance
I do feel like this art work is indeed extremely deep and sensitive. I love that the horse is mysteriously without wings or a unicorn...makes me wonder which one the horse could be in the heavens. Actually, your horse there does sort of remind me of Heaven in fact, because of the purity and grace, astounding factors in your photographic imagery. Seems a lot like a dream but nothing such as one, as this is actually reality and surreality in their deepest and truest forms, not mocking one another but sanely and honestly coinciding with each other, from within the soft breezes and whispers are the angels saying: "Come home dear one...come home dear heart...come home our sweet soul." Lovely art formation. Gracious and stunning photography. God-Bless you.
I happen to have this sudden passion for critiques and critiquing. xxx Love xxx I mean I just have so much to say to so many fine artists it is unbelievable. I hope that everyone enjoys my affection towards their art and selfies. xxx Pinkamena sad xxx I really do love receiving love myself. So please friends and watchers, try noticing me a bit more than usual, attempt to make me feel loads better, as I have carried much weight on my shoulders these past couple of months...I really have. Anyway, I have decided to continue my arts and critiquing, because it makes me so happy, creates a sense of wonder-lust in my mind...soul...and body. xx :happybounce: xx

I feel like I can give quite a lot of feedback to so many people so if there are any requests on giving out critiques on your best artworks, please do, let me know informatively. xoxo Heart dividerxoxo


God-Bless all of you throughout your tender lives. Never give up on love-peace-happiness. Fare-the-well my loves. xxx super tiny wing (flipped) super tiny wing (flipped) super tiny wing (flipped) xxx

{I also wanted to add that I miss a lot of you talking with me and the gracious comments. So please keep me in mind next log-in. Do not skip over me...I do deeply feel that I do not deserve to be ignored}. I am a dummy! 

Good-Bye for now dear friends. Hopefully we can become closer with more trust and some brave vulnerability. I promise, I will not bite, only tenderly love with a blessed heart which needs companionship. xx Meow :3 xx

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: Taylor Swift.
  • Reading: Dracula.
  • Watching: Insidious: Chapter 2.
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts.
  • Eating: Double-Chocolate Chip Muffin.
  • Drinking: Christmas Tea.

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